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Ensuring Accuracy, Reliability, and On-Time Delivery

I'm a professional who embraces technology in my daily work. I leverage cutting-edge linguistic tools to streamline processes, ensuring not just speed but accuracy and consistency across your high-volume projects.

My main field is IT, but if you really need, I can help you in other areas. Here is a list of my specialities.

Last but not least, I'm also committed to punctuality as a guiding principle. Your deadlines are very important for me. But it's also important to deliver quality. So, I will be always clear about this dichotomy in our relationship.

Now I invite you to dive into my portfolio and check my past clients reviews. If you like it, contact me and let's work together.

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Marketing Video Subtitles

This was a video about a security app explanation video. I transcript the video and created English and Portuguese subtitles.


Batman fan film Portuguese subtitles

I had the pleasure to contribute with the Portuguese subtitles of this awesome Batman fan made film. You can see the video here.


Portuguese Translation of an indie game: Satan's Pepper

Maybe you have seen a gameplay of this awesome game on Youtube. An interactive horror game, indie and very cool. You can read more about this in my blog. Click here to play the game.

Open Source translations

I have contributed to the English version of a free Open Source point of sale display software. I suggested call it Mercearia.

Free TTRPG Translations

This is a side project I have. I translate nice open licensed TTRPGs into Portuguese and publish it at this website.


The links will lead you to where you can check the testimonials.

Almir helped me translate my game called "Satan's Pepper" into Portuguese. After the game went viral on platforms like and YouTube, I was contacted by Almir, who volunteered to translate my creation into Portuguese - the only available language at the time was English. I had a pleasure to work with Almir: the communication with him was fast and professional, his technical skills also made working with Almir easier, because he could easily understand how the game's data files worked without a huge need to explain processes in detail. The translations themselves were also of excellent quality, which resulted in a large number of Portuguese-speaking players enjoying my game. I'm extremely grateful to Almir for his help in making my game accessible to a wider audience. Without hesitation, I recommend him as a translator. Paulius Gečas
Almir did a fantastic job translating a piece of ours to Portuguese, Absolutely wonderful to work with. Farbod Ardebili
Almir was always great to work with. I asked for more input and it was very helpful. Michelle Sauceda


Here you can find my certifications:


What TEP stands for?

Translation, Editing and Proofreading. In my case you can consider the "T" as "Transcribing" too.

What languages do you work with?

By now, Spanish and English. I rather translate to my native tongue: Brazilian Portuguese, but if you give me a little more time I can translate in other directions. Also, I often can handle other variants of the same languages, like the European Portuguese.

Do you sign NDAs?

Sure. If it's a reasonable one.

Would you accept to be paid directly via Paypal or Wire Transfer?

If you were on behalf of a company/agency or if I could trust you in some way, then yes, I would. Otherwise, we better use Freelancer as a platform to ensure it will be safe to both of us.

But if I'm not on behalf of an agency or company, how can I hire you?

You can hire me via Freelancer. Or if you really rather not use Freelancer, you can make a first 50% payment upfront and the rest after the delivery.

Do you accept Bitcoins?

Yes, I do!

How fast you can deliver?

I understand you might be in a hurry, but to deliver a high quality work everybody needs time. It's not reasonable to request a TEP work of 10,000 words for the day. It doesn't matter how fast I can type, TEP work also demands attention, research, sometimes a review, so don't be so frivolous and allow me the proper time.

That said, 2000 words daily is a good expectation.

Can we meet on Zoom/Skype or talk on Telegram/Whatsapp?

Sure, but email me first. Explain me a bit about your project.

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